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Upper Middle Bogan | Home

Upper Middle Bogan: episode guide

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Series 3

Upper Middle Bogan Series 3 sees Bess Denyar (Annie Maynard) continuing to strive for a happy union between her adoptive upper middle family and her biological bogan family. Two years have passed since Bess, an upper middle class doctor, discovered she was adopted and found her drag racing, biological parents living in the outer suburbs. With her two families, the Brights and the Wheelers, each now facing a brand new set of challenges — moving houses, illness and injuries, relationships ending and beginning — Bess struggles to manage her families living at opposing ends of the freeway, with varying levels of success. Often caught in the middle of two tribes, Bess’ dreams of life as one big happy clan seem almost impossible… but only almost.

New Kids on the Block

< >

Episode 3.01
Wed, October 12, 2016
574,000 viewers (15th)
Written by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope
Directed by Wayne Hope

Margaret and all the Wheelers help the Brights move into a brand new family home, architecturally designed by Danny. The über modern-verging-on-brutalist house leaves them all a bit bemused but Bess feels particularly uncomfortable in the cavernous concrete rooms, doubly when Danny won’t let her set up any of her furniture. Meanwhile, Brianna has found love and is eager to cement her relationship with her new fiancé, Younis, as a contestant on The Block, and Amber discovers that her ex-partner, Troy, is keen to cement his own new relationship.

Annie Maynard as Bess,
Patrick Brammall as Danny,
Robyn Malcolm as Julie,
Michala Banas as Amber,
Rhys Mitchell as Kayne,
Madeleine Jevic as Brianna,
Lara Robinson as Edwina,
Harrison Feldman as Oscar,
Dougie Baldwin as Shawn,
Glenn Robbins as Wayne,
Robyn Nevin as Margaret

Claudia Greenstone as Anoushka,
Molly Joy How as Madison,
Lilly Valentine How as Taylor,
Lilah Williams as Mackenzie,
Khaled Khalafalla as Younis,
Dave Thornton as Troy,
Lucy Durak as Michelle,
Scott Cam as Himself,
Shaynna Blaze as Herself

Knock it Off

< >

Episode 3.02
Wed, October 19, 2016
505,000 viewers (19th)
Written by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope
Directed by Wayne Hope

When a shopowner spots Kayne’s artwork on the side of the Wheeler truck, she commissions him to paint his designs on her expensive homewares store but, as Margaret is outraged to discover, has no plans to pay him. While Margaret finds a way to stop Kayne being exploited, Bess grapples with a gift from Julie, a fake Fendi bag, and Danny struggles to accept that his local coffee supplier has copied his favourite designer shirt to make its uniform — for a fraction of the price.

Khaled Khalafalla as Younis,
Heidi Arena as Cassie,
Sue Jones as Pat,
Wil Greenway as Carlo,
Kimberley Heberley as Art Gallery Waitress

If You Knew Susie

< >

Episode 3.03
Wed, October 26, 2016
478,000 viewers (20th)
Written by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope
Directed by Wayne Hope

Bess is alarmed to discover that Julie has a sister, despite Julie telling all the children that her sister was dead. Julie forbids the family from contacting her but Bess, desperate not to have any more secret relatives, enlists Brianna, Amber and Margaret to help her investigate. Danny takes Oscar away to an architects’ conference where his special role as guest speaker is compromised and, when a council officer shuts down Kayne’s backyard protein powder shop, Wayne is determined to fight.

Alicia Banit as Jodie,
Lana Golja as Brooke,
Greg Carroll as Keith,
Khaled Khalafalla as Younis,
Rohan Nichol as Matt,
Bert LaBonte as Constable Miklis,
Anne Edmonds as Cecilia Banks,
Debra Byrne as Susan,
Bobby Fox as Conrad

Sons of Anarchy

< >

Episode 3.04
Wed, November 02, 2016
482,000 viewers (18th)
Written by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope
Directed by Wayne Hope

Amber is appalled when Shawn arrives home with his new and highly alternative girlfriend, Ashley, in tow. Squeezed tight in the bungalow, Amber struggles to find space — not just with Shawn, but with the rest of the family too. Brianna is busy with Younis, and Wayne and Julie are binge-watching TV in their newly installed private cinema. Meanwhile, Bess is distressed when Edwina announces she wants to study medicine after meeting an inspirational female surgeon, having never been inspired before by Bess’ own medical career.

Lee Beckhurst as Mr Villovic,
Dinesh Mathew as Dr Bandi,
Nores Cerfeda as Patient,
Diana Nguyen as Nurse,
Sally McLean as Cath,
Khaled Khalafalla as Younis,
Molly Daniels as Ashley,
Sue Jones as Pat from View Club

Sticking To Your Principals

< >

Episode 3.05
Wed, November 09, 2016
484,000 viewers (19th)
Written by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope
Directed by Wayne Hope

Shawn drops out of school, so Amber turns to the school Principal who helps in an unexpected manner. Julie is injured so Kayne offers to drive for Team Wheeler, while Bess and Danny prepare Oscar for a wilderness expedition.

Helen Rollinson as Dr Larson,
Khaled Khalafalla as Younis,
Martin Dingle-Wall as Evan
Wayne Hope as Tony,
Molly Daniels as Ashley

Generous To A Faultline

< >

Episode 3.06
Wed, November 16, 2016
550,000 viewers (13th)
Written by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope
Directed by Wayne Hope

Bess brings Margaret and Julie to a Mothers’ Day Lunch, where Bess having ‘two mothers’ is misunderstood. The Wheelers help Amber and Evan at a hardware store sausage sizzle and Danny signs the kids up for a charity bike ride.

Naomi Davis as Sonya,
Diana Green as Female Guest,
Frances Wang as Dr Wang,
Tom Milton as Luchevsky,
Garth Ploog as Mickey,
Khaled Khalafalla as Younis,
Martin Dingle-Wall as Evan,
Alison Bell as Clara,
Faith Seci as Evie

Row Row Row

< >

Episode 3.07
Wed, November 23, 2016
542,000 viewers (15th)
Written by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope
Directed by Wayne Hope

When Edwina’s rowing scull is woefully underprepared for the interschool regatta, she begs Brianna to step in as coach, who accepts the challenge with much more gusto than Edwina expected. To cheer them on, the Wheelers join Bess up at the Murray River replete with jet skis and giant tyres. Evan takes the opportunity to give Amber his Dad’s vintage speed boat, but he is taken aback when she seems unhappy with his gift. After minor surgery, Danny has to stay home to convalesce while Margaret reluctantly looks after him.

Lilly Valentine How as Taylor,
Molly Joy How as Madison,
Lilah Williams as Mackenzie,
Thi Reynolds as Ruby,
Isabella Salas as Sophie,
Alexis van Maanen as Georgia,
Isabella Richardson as Chloe,
Diamando May as Miranda,
Rueben Liversidge as Waiter,
Max Doessetto as Caspian,
Khaled Khalafalla as Younis,
Martin Dingle-Wall as Evan,
Will Adams as Wayne Double,
Tara Ryan as Julie Double,
Mike Snow as Kayne Double

Christmas Break

< >

Episode 3.08 (finale)
Wed, November 30, 2016
567,000 viewers (12th)
Written by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope
Directed by Wayne Hope

Exhausted by Margaret and Julie fighting over her, Bess decides to spend Christmas in New York with Danny and the kids. As expected, telling Margaret is challenging but it’s telling Julie that proves impossible. Julie faces her first Christmas without Amber and Brianna, both travelling to their partners’ families. Julie is heartbroken and not even consoled by Wayne and Kayne’s promise to make their Christmas lights display the best in the street this year. While Bess summons the nerve to tell Julie the truth, Danny helps Oscar choose an appropriate Kris Kringle for his crush.

Elise Jansen as Miss Ogilvy,
Clarke Richards as Dr Lucas,
Benjamin Knight as Jason,
Khaled Khalafalla as Younis,
Martin Dingle-Wall as Evan,
Don Bridges as Big Issue Guy,
Mike Snow as Kayne Double

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